Financial Policy

At Stand & Deliver, we do our best to be transparent in our policies. Our general financial polices are as follows.

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. Stand & Deliver is not responsible for your policy or the financial implications of that policy. The most important thing is for you to ​know​​ and ​understand​​ your policy.

Our medical biller will help you understand the basics of your policy through the verification of benefits, but it is up to you to get curious, ask questions, and fully understand your policy.

​​The medical biller is responsible for submitting all claims to your insurance and following up to ensure that you get the best reimbursement possible. Each client (except for Medicaid, Tricare, some of the cost sharing plans and no insurance), will need to register with the medical biller to verify insurance benefits. The verification of benefits cost is $20.

Standard Midwifery Care Package

  • First payment is due at the first prenatal visit

  • Initial 1-hour visit with midwife including: complete physical exam, medical history review, risk assessment, record review, lab draws, and initial prenatal education and counseling

  • Continuous care, support, and monitoring by the midwife and assistance during labor, birth, and postpartum period

  • Individualized post-partum visits: 1-24 hour home visit, 1- 72 hour clinic visit for mother and newborn, 1- 6 week clinic for mama

  • Birth Certificate and social security card filing.

  • 24-hour availability of midwife

  • Visits with midwife for routine prenatal care, each visit lasting approximately 45-60 minutes

  • Immediate breastfeeding assistance after birth

  • Routine supplies and equipment for labor, birth, and postpartum

  • Initial assessment and newborn examination at birth, collection of metabolic screens, and perform critical congenital heart defect screening.

Payment Plan

At your first appointment your first payment is due, this secures your spot for the month you are due. Please come prepared to make your first payment, we accept cash, checks, HSA, FSA and all major credit cards. The balance is due by the 36-week visit.


If a refund is due, we will refund that amount as soon as all claims have been processed and your account is reconciled.

Labs & Ultrasounds

​​All labs will be sent to LabCorp unless you inform your care provider at the time of lab collection that you want to use another lab. Any questions about lab fees can be directed to LabCorp or your insurance company. We refer ultrasounds to Pensacola Open MRI.

Missed Appointments

Due to the lengthy nature of our appointments, if you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, you will need to reschedule your appointment. Please note repetitive rescheduling or missed appointments will result in a missed appointment fee.


Please contact us immediately if you have any questions regarding your billing.


​​If a client transfers at any time during care, you will be charged for services rendered at Stand & Deliver. Once your account is reconciled you will receive a final bill or refund.