Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth

Birthing your baby is perhaps the most important event of your life – why not make the experience as memorable as possible?

Childbirth is natural – which means it is not induced, controlled, or medicated. Our Midwives will support you throughout your labor and birth. There are options to help with childbirth such as hydrotherapy, water birth, aroma therapy, low lights, and freedom of movement. We support your birth, your way.

What To Expect

  • Because our whole team knows you, you can expect the same level of support you’ve come to cherish.

  • Listen to your birth soundtrack, dim the lighting and get ready to meet your baby. We’ll draw your labor tub for you. This is the birth of a mother as well as a baby, even if you’ve been down this road before. We’re here for you.

  • Throughout your labor, your midwife and birth assistant will continuously support you, helping your body do what it knows how to.

  • Want to eat? Drink? Do the mamba or just walk around? Want your partner to catch the baby? Want your older child to cut the cord? Follow your body’s cues. We’ll guide you in choosing labor and birth coping techniques that are the most helpful (think: laboring positions, labor tub, birthing ball, etc.)

  • After welcoming your little one, you’ll enjoy immediate, uninterrupted skin to skin bonding time with baby while we make you and your family comfortable. Enjoy this peaceful, precious time with your baby.

We offer many birthing packages & services to enhance your birth experience. Everything from placenta encapsulation to Holistic Pelvic Care is available; please inquire about all we have to offer to fully support you during this incredible journey.