Prenatal Care

Individualized, compassionate care throughout your pregnancy.

We help women connect to ageless wisdom, making a conscious choice to bring your baby into the world a different way. Join us and experience birth without violence where attachment and connection are honored above all, where women and their families are empowered and where birth is transformative!

What To Expect

  • 30-60 minute visits to answer all your questions and give you the time to develop a trusting relationship with our Midwives.

  • Ongoing assessments to ensure your pregnancy is normal & healthy and meets the requirements for out of hospital birth.

  • At each visit you will hear your baby’s heart beat (once you reach 10 weeks) and the Midwife will measure your baby’s growth as well as discuss with you what is happening at this stage of pregnancy & what to expect in the next few weeks.

  • Monthly visits until 28-32 weeks, then every 2 weeks, and weekly visits from 36 weeks on.

  • Your family, friends, & children are always welcome at your visits. We love getting to know the special people in your life!

  • We take into account your personal history, thoughts, values and wishes. We are partners on this journey and believe you have a right to make decisions for yourself and your baby.